Apartment for single in Mokotów, 42m2


Year: 2015/2016
Floor area: 42,4m2
Rooms: corridor, living room, kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom
Primary market
Resident: single person

About the project: the scope of the project was creating a functional and engaging interior for a young woman with great aesthetic sense.

Our main focus area was to connect the kitchen with the living room and create in this small space a kitchen island, which has always been a dream for the owner. The partition wall between the living room and the kitchen was demolished, which allowed to move the narrow and isolated kitchen into the living room, and separate it by means of the kitchen island and a big dining table. In the living room we carved up some space for a small desk to work and an additional wardrobe. Strong colors – purple, dark blue, turquoise and natural wood dominate in the apartment. A black and white furnished kitchen and a patterned geometric floor is quite a contrast to the rest of the apartment.

Contact us, if you’re not afraid of colors, strong accents and distinctive finishing materials. Every interior has a potential; you just have to know how to emphasize it.