Apartment in Kościelna Street in Poznań


Year: 2011
Floor area: 75m2
Rooms: corridor, living room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, bedroom, bathroom, wardrobe, utility room
Primary market
Residents: young married couple

About the project: the main scope of the project was creating a bright, modern and spacious interior with strong and intensive color accents.

Living room, corridor, kitchen and dining room constitute a common space, hence we used in all the rooms the same finishing materials. The base is white color, contrasted with deep orange. The whole is completed with a solid oak flooring, which also warms up the interior. The kitchen has a more industrial character, and it’s finished with stainless steel and simple white forms. The modern character which prevails in the whole interior, isn’t present in the bathroom – the owners decided to use here warmer colors. The bronze and beige tones dominate on the walls and the floor of the bathroom. Wall tiles are laid in a brick pattern. The only dark elements of the bathroom are the pieces of furniture made of dark-colored bamboo wood.

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