City Apartments in Żoliborz, 114 m2


Year: 2013
Floor area: 114m2
Rooms: corridor x2, kitchen, living room, bathroom x2, master bedroom, bedroom x2
Primary market
Residents: family with two children

About the project: the scope of the project was to create a bright, modern, spacious interior with warm accents.

The +100 square meter apartment located in a residential area had to meet the expectations of a family of four. The open space of the apartment consists in a spacious living room connected with a dining area and a kitchen, together with an entrance corridor with wardrobes and a small bathroom.

In the other, more intimate, part of the apartment there are three bedrooms and the main bathroom. The living area of the apartment is full of contrast: a dark floor made of fumed oak wood coexists with cool blue tones on the walls, as well as beige and black accents in the kitchen.

Bright, pastel colors and simple forms dominate in all the bedrooms. The flooring in this part of the apartment is much lighter. Both bathrooms are based on bronze and beige colors, with a touch of modernity. The apartment is a functional space, which suits the needs and tastes of 4 different people.

If you are the owner of the apartment and you want to decorate it taking into consideration the needs of the whole family, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you to bring together the expectations of each resident in order to make you enjoy all together your new apartment for many years to come.