Retro apartment in tenement house in Praga Północ (Warsaw), 42m2


Year: 2012
Floor area: 41,5m2
Rooms: corridor, bathroom, kitchenette, living room, bedroom
Secondary market
Resident: single person

About the project: the main scope of the project was to rearrange an ill-designed, dark apartment in a prewar tenement house into a modern, functional interior for a young woman.

While preparing the project, we focused above all on preserving in the interior of the apartment the atmosphere of a prewar building. After demolishing a few partition walls, a big and tall corridor seems to flow smoothly into the living room, connected with the kitchen. White walls, ceilings and furniture make the apartment look higher and more spacious. The prewar character of the interior is emphasized by the red bricks, uncovered over the countertop in the kitchen. New interior doors imitate the prewar style. In addition, the living room furniture – sofa, table and chairs – simulate historical appearance. In the bathroom floor we will find a classic geometric mosaic.

Please contact us, if you’re an enthusiast of tenement houses and you want to preserve the historical appearance of their interior, but at the same time you need a functional and comfortable apartment. We know how to emphasize the beauty of tall, spacious apartments in a prewar tenement houses.