Scandinavian apartment in Mokotów, 56m2



Year: 2014/2015
Floor area: 55,8m2
Rooms: corridor, living room, TV room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom
Secondary market
Residents: young married couple

About the project: the scope of the project was rearranging, into a modern interior, a type of apartment common in the blocks of flats from the 80’s.

The main focus areas that we determined at the beginning of our collaboration with the Customers were: space opening and illumination of all the interiors. In order to create a living area connected with open kitchen and television room, we both changed the arrangement of partition walls and reduced a far too big and not functional corridor. We created a bright, pleasant space, based on pastel colors and contrasted with strong graphic patterns in the bathroom.

Contact us, if you’re looking for a studio which will help you to design the apartment from the secondary market. Every interior has a great potential, you just have to discover it.