Single person apartment in Praga Północ, 71m2


Year: 2016
Floor area: 71m2
Secondary market
Resident: single person

About the project: Colors are playing the leading role in the project of this apartment. The owner didn’t fear the daring mixture of colors and that is how the summer colored design was born, where every room radiates happiness. In the living room, pastel colors coexist with strong accents of aquamarine and violet shades. In the longest wall you will find a cubistic bookcase, which can hold a great amount of books and at the same time constitutes a peculiar decorative element of the interior. It also matches with the 50’s style armchairs which give the living room a bit modernist character. In the kitchen the atmosphere is maintained by the retro style lime green refrigerator. Dark blue color of kitchen cupboards was also used on the floor, creating the interesting effect of division between kitchen and living room. In the bedroom wall, a unique wallpaper imitating old wall with plaster residues was installed, whereas in the corridor we used the geometric wallpaper with watercolor triangles effect. On one of the bathroom’s walls you will find tiles with painterly abstract motif. The design of this interior is marked by daring solutions as it interacts with the dynamic lifestyle of its owner.