Studio in Bemowo, 30m2


Year: 2015
Floor area: 30m2
Rooms: corridor, bathroom, living room, kitchenette
Secondary market
Resident: single person

About the project: while preparing the project of this 30 square meter studio, we placed great importance on the functionality of the interior and to maximum space exploitation in order to avoid the effect of an overdone space. A dining table, which constitutes the extension of the kitchen countertop, was designed as an independent furniture, which can be moved if necessary. The apartment is dominated by white color, which makes the space look bigger, while the usage of pastel colors and natural wood makes the interior look bright, serene and cozy. In the bathroom, as in the rest of the rooms, white accents and delicate colors from the pastel palette prevail. In the lower part of the bathroom cabinet, we created a special area destined as a cat’s toilet.