Vintage apartment in tenement house in Praga (Warsaw), 75m2


Year: 2013
Floor area: 75m2
Rooms: corridor, kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, bedroom, child’s room, corridor, wardrobe/laundry room
Secondary market
Residents: young married couple

About the project: the scope of the project was rearranging the interiors in a prewar tenement house into a functional apartment for a young married couple.

The main focus areas that were determined at the beginning of the project were: preservation of the style and atmosphere of the prewar interior, including the conservation of the largest possible quantity of authentic elements and the combination of them with modern ones. The common denominator of all the interiors is a black color, which covers the floor of the whole apartment, together with white walls and grey accessories. This black and white color base is mixed with the pastel tones. We preserved the original door woodwork as well as oak and pine wood floors. The arrangement of the rooms was only slightly changed – we carved up one additional room, serving as an office.

Contact us, if you have just bought the apartment in a tenement house and you’re looking for a design studio which appreciates the beauty of prewar interiors. We know how to grow the potential of tall, spacious and beautiful apartments in tenement houses.