Żoliborz, City Apartments, 49m2


Year: 2014
Floor area: 49,3m2
Rooms: corridor, living room, kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom
Primary market
Resident: single person

About the project: the project aimed to create a living and working space for a young man fascinated by theatre and literature.

The main focus areas that were determined at the beginning of the project were: creating an interior which maintains an authentic atmosphere of old times, regardless of its localization in a brand new residential area. We achieved the effect we aimed for by combining walls made of red brick, vintage furniture and rustic flooring. The modern minimalist kitchen with an interesting passage from concrete screeds to wooden boards on the floor serves as a contrast to other interiors. On the wall we can also find a modern piece of glass, which serves as a board to write down ideas and to sketch.

If you are the owner of an apartment in the primary market or you are about to become one, but you’re not totally sure if you like modern and minimalistic interiors, contact us. We will create together a unique interior, which will reflect your passions and dreams.