Żoliborz, City Apartments, 50m2


Year: 2014
Floor area: 50m2
Rooms: corridor, living room, kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom
Primary market
Resident: for rental

About the project: the apartment was supposed to become the source of income for its owners, i.e. apartment for short term rental.

The main scope of the project was to create a warm and cozy interior, which is at the same time functional and both easy and practical to maintain. We did our best to choose the most resistant materials. The floor panels of increased abrasibility were used in the living area. All the soft furniture in the apartment is provided with covers that can be changed and cleaned. The countertops are made of a special board resistant to scratches and easy to clean. As for the bathroom walls, instead of using tiles with hard to clean grout in between, we chose water resistant decorative acrylic plaster. We design the kitchen using finished modular furniture in Provence style. The interior of the bedroom favors relaxation, while the soft grey carpet interacts with the mint walls. The double bed, present in the bedroom, can be divided in two single beds.

Please contact us, if you consider buying an apartment as an investment and you’re looking for an interior designer who will create an attractive and practical space, minding your budget. The apartment that we will design for you, will be serving you and your tenants for many years to come.